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Tech Tips: Mobile Print

Here is an area to obtain how to's for database use and other technology.

How do I ...

print from my mobile device to a Hamilton County Law Library printer?

Email the document to 

Follow the directions to retrieve the print below. Or view, our November 2016 Newsletter.

print a webpage or file from my moblie device to the law library printer?

Go to


Go to the Select document box and enter the URL or browse to find the file.

In the User info box enter an email so you may get the Privacy Release Code.

Follow the directions to retrieve the print below.

retrieve my print?

After you have sent the email you will receive an email with a Privacy Release Code.

When you get to the printer in the Law Library press the “Other Function” button.

Select “Browser”.

Touch inside the box, a keyboard will display, enter the code emailed to you, then press “OK”.

Click on the Arrow button.

Put money in the vending station and then press “Print”.

When finished press “Log out”.