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Ohio Consumer Law

Ohio consumer laws are set up with the purpose of protecting Ohio’s consumers.

Ohio Revised Code

ORC 1310 - Leases

1310.01-1310.07   General Provisions

1310.08-1310.28   Formation and Construction of Lease Contracts

1310.29-1310.39   Effect of Lease Contract

1310.40-1310.46   Performance of lease Contract: Repudiatd, Substituted and Excused

1310.47-1310.99   Default

Uniform Commercial Code

Articles / Publications on Commercial Leases

Commercial leases: application of rule that lease may be canceled only for "material" breach  54 A.L.R.4th 595 (Available at Law Library)

Cancellation or rescission  49 Am. Jur. 2d Landlord and Tenant § 193 (Available at Law Library)