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Ohio Wills and Estates

Information about wills and estate planning in Ohio.

Ohio Trust Laws

Below you will find some of the laws governing trusts in Ohio.

O.R.C. Title 58 - TrustsThis title in the ORC lays out the laws for trusts in Ohio in multiple chapters. This page links to the title where you can browse my chapter. A few of the individual chapters are linked, below.

O.R.C. Title 21 - Courts - Probate and Juvenile. This title of the revised code has several chapters and sections relevant to wills and estates under Ohio law.

Information about trusts

Trusts in General

"A trust exists when one person (often called the grantor or settlor) gives property to another person (called the trustee) to hold and manage for one or more other persons (called the beneficiaries)." OSBA LawFacts Pamphlet

Additional Information about Trusts

Revocable ("Living") Trusts - OSBA LawFacts Pamphlet

Making a Living Trust: Can you do it yourself? - Nolo

Medicaid and Special Needs Trusts in Ohio - Ohio Legislative Service Commission brief (2007).

Make a Living Trust in Ohio - Nolo