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Appeals Process

Information about the appeals process in Ohio state and federal courts and administrative agencies.

Administrative Agencies

Administrative Procedure Act

O.R.C. Chapter 119: In Ohio, administrative agencies are generally governed by Chapter 119 of the Ohio Revised Code. This is typically referred to as the Administrative Procedure Act (APA). It provides definitions, rules and procedures for Ohio administrative agencies, including appeal rights.

  • O.R.C. § 119.01 defines what constitutes an agency under the Administrative Procedure Act. It provides a list of agencies that are specifically included and excluded under the law, and establishes criteria for agencies to be considered under the APA if they are not specifically listed.

  • If an agency does not fall under the definition in O.R.C. § 119.01 it may be covered by a different set of statutes. There may also be additional statutes for agencies that are covered in some ways by the APA.

O.R.C. Chapter 2506

  • O.R.C. Chapter 2506 governs administrative agencies that are in any political subdivision of the State of Ohio.

Some administrative agencies not covered by the APA, OR with additional rules include, but are not limited to:


Administrative Appeals - Rules and Procedures

Some rules and information about appeals:

Administrative Procedure Act

Environmental Review Appeals Commission

Industrial Commission of Ohio worker's compensation claims

Ohio Board of Tax Appeals

Ohio Department of Job and Family Services decisions

Public Utilities Commission of Ohio

Unemployment Compensation Review Commission

Other agencies

Administrative agencies governed by other statutes may have different rules about the appeals process that are specified by their statutes and regulations.

Administrative Appeals - Appellate Courts

Administrative Procedure Act

Under O.R.C. § 119.12, once the common pleas court has issued its final orders, either party may appeal to the appropriate Ohio district court, pursuant to Chapter 2505 of the Ohio Revised Code and the Ohio Rules of Appellate Procedure. For more information on this process generally, see the Ohio Appeals tab in this guide.

Other agencies

Administrative agencies governed by other statutes may have different rules about appeals to higher courts that are specified by their statutes.


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