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Copyright Law

This guide provides an overview of materials available through the Hamilton County Law Library and online that are useful in researching the copyright status of a work and the law of copyright.


Copyright Alliance Blog

The Copyright Alliance is a nonprofit, non-partisan, public interest, and educational organization representing artists, creators, and innovators across the specturm of copyright disciplines.  This blog reports on copyright related issues, events, and articles including a 'Weekly Copyright Issues Wrapup'  that provides a copyright related summary of issues, congressional developments, judicial updates, administration updates, international updates and industry updates, provided courtesy of American Continental Group (ACG).

Fairly Used Blog

This blog is part of the Stanford University Copyright and Fair Use Website.  It comments on current issues in copyright that are especially relavant to the education and library community.

OSU Copyright Corner

Authored by Ohio State University Libraries Copyright Resources Center


Lesley Ellen Harris@copyrightlaws

Ms. Harris is a copyright lawyer, author end educato.r

Nancy Sims@ CopyrightLibn

Ms. Sims, a JD/MLIS, is the copyright librarian at the University of Minnesota.

CopyrightLaw @CopyrightLaw

Author, MIchael Scott, is a professor at Southwestern Law School

OSU Copyright

Authored by the Copyright Resources Center at OSU Libraries

Kenneth Crews@kcrews

Mr. Crews is a copyright lawyer and author.