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Copyright Law: Information Available to Subscribers

This guide provides an overview of materials available through the Hamilton County Law Library and online that are useful in researching the copyright status of a work and the law of copyright.

About this Guide

This guide surveys materials available at the Hamilton County Law Library and freely available online that are useful in registering a copyright, researching the copyright status of a work, and learning about the law of copyright.

DisclaimerHamilton County Law Library staff, as a service to its patrons, provides reference services and information, including these research guides. To protect the public interest, Ohio law requires that legal advice and services be rendered only by qualified attorneys who are subject to the guidelines of the courts. Library staff members do not interpret the law, provide legal advice, or explain court procedures. The information provided is not a substitute for legal advice from a licensed attorney.  None of our services shall be construed as giving legal advice.

Subscriber Databases with Specialized Copyright Resources

The following resources are available to LIbrary subscribers and local government officials.


Intelliconnect - provides a Copyright Practice Center including:

   -Title 37 of the Code of Federal Regulations

   -Copyright Reports

     A comprehensive resource focusing only on copyright law and related issues at both the federal and state levels.  This resource includes federal regulations, the complete text of copyright laws, pending legislation, U.S. Supreme Court docket, full text of court decisions, copyright circulars and reference materials, and administrative forms.  It provides CCH explanations that discuss and summarize court decisions.

  - Guide to Computer Law

     A comprehensive resource focusing on computer law, the Internet, and related issues including copyright.

Loislaw Connect - provides an intellectual law library including;

   -Trademark & Copyright Disputes:  Litigation Forms & Analysis

   -Handbook on Intellectual Property:  Claims & Remedies

CALI (Center for Computer Assisted Legal Instruction - provides many lessons focusing on copyright law

Lexis - offers a copyright practice area that brings together relevant statutes, regulations, case law, and secondary sources dealing with copyright law.

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