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Ohio Landlord/Tenant Law

This guide provides an overview of landlord/tenant law in Ohio.

Ohio Statutes


O.R.C. § 5321.04 - Landlord Obligations

O.R.C. § 5321.05 - Tenant Obligations 

Rent Depositing and Remedies

O.R.C. § 5321.07 - Failure of Landlord to Fulfill Obligations - remedies of tenant

O.R.C. § 5321.08 - Rent Deposits - duty of clerk of court

O.R.C. § 5321.09 - Landlord Application for Release of Rent 

O.R.C. § 5321.10 - Release of Part of Rent

O.R.C. § 5321.11 - Failure of Tenant to Fulfill Obligations - remedies of landlord

O.R.C. § 5321.02 - Retaliatory Action by Landlord Prohibited

Information about Conditions/Rent Escrow

Below you will find some basic information about conditions issues and rent esrow.

Landlord-Tenant: Rent Escrow - Ohio Legal Services

Tenant/Landlord Rights and Obligations - OSBA

Tenant's Guide to Rent Escrow - Hamilton County Municipal Court Help Center


Forms and Procedures

Municipal Codes

Below you will find ways to access city ordinances/municipal codes for cities in Hamilton County, Ohio.

Cincinnati Municipal Code (Housing Code is located in Title XI Chapter 1117)

City Ordinances for Hamilton County