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Ohio Landlord/Tenant Law

This guide provides an overview of landlord/tenant law in Ohio.

Rental Agreements

Some Relevant Statutes:

O.R.C. § 5321.06 - Terms and Conditions of Rental Agreement

O.R.C. § 5321.13 - Terms Prohibited in a Rental Agreement. 

O.R.C. § 5321.14 - Unconscionable Terms. 


An Introduction to Landlord-Tenant Law. - Ohio Legal Services

Security Deposits

Some Relevant Statutes:

O.R.C. § 5321.16 - Procedures for Security Deposits. 


Ohio Law Gives Tenants Security Deposit Rights - OSBA

Landlord Retaliation/Tenant's Rights

Some Relevant Statutes:

O.R.C. § 5321.02 - Retaliatory action by the landlord prohibited. 

O.R.C. § 5321.15 - Acts of landlord prohibited if residential property involved.


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Fair Housing/Discrimination

Some Relevant Statutes:

Fair Housing Act

O.R.C. 4112.02(H) -  Unlawful discriminatory practices (Ohio Fair Housing)


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Both landlords and tenants may be entitled to recover damges, whether associated with an eviction action or in a separate case. 

O.R.C. Chapter 5321 - (Provides multiple provisions about when damages may be collected)

O.R.C. § 1923.081 - Joinder of Claims