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Ohio Landlord/Tenant Law

This guide provides an overview of landlord/tenant law in Ohio.

Ohio Statutes - Evictions and Termination of Tenancy

Below you will find some of the laws governing Ohio landlord-tenant law

O.R.C. Chapter 5321 - Landlords and Tenants

O.R.C. Chapter 1923 - Forcible Entry and Detainer

Some specific laws related to evictions include, but are not limited to:

O.R.C. § 5321.03 - Action for Posession by Landlord

O.R.C. § 5321.11 - Failure of Tenant to Fulfill Obligations - remedies of landlord

O.R.C. § 5321.15 - Acts of Landlord Prohibited if Residential Property Involved (No lock-outs, termination of utilities or seizing of tenant's possession without a court order)

O.R.C. § 5321.17 - Termination of Tenancy 

O.R.C. § 1923.02 - Persons Subject to Forcible Entry and Detainer Action

Ohio Statutes - Controlled Substances and Drug Offenses

Below you will find some of the laws governing drug offenses in relation to Ohio's landlord-tenant laws

O.R.C. § 5321.04(A)(9) - Landlord Obligations

O.R.C.§ 5321.05(A)(9) and (C)(2) - Tenant obligations (drug offenses and controlled substances)

O.R.C. § 5321.17(C) - Termination of tenancy (drug offenses)

O.R.C. § 1923.02(A)(6)(a)(i) - Persons subject to forcible entry and detainer action (drug offenses and controlled substances)

O.R.C. § 1923.051 - Judgment of restitution based on drug offenses taking place at leased premises. 

Ohio Statutes - Notice Provisions

Below you will find some of the laws governing notice requirements in eviction actions in Ohio.

O.R.C. § 5321.11 - Tenant obligations (30 day notice) 

O.R.C. § 5321.17 - Termination of Tenancy 

O.R.C. § 1923.04 - Notice - service.

Ohio Law - Evictions Procedure

Below you will find laws and rules establishing procedures for eviction actions in Ohio and Hamilton County.

O.R.C. Chapter 1923 - Forcible Entry and Detainer

Hamilton County Municipal Court Local Rules

Hamilton County Municipal Court Local Rules of Civil Procedure

Hamilton County Municipal Court Local Rules of Civil Procedure for evictions, rent escrow, objections and special process server.


Ohio Law - Defenses/Counterclaims

Below you will find information about defenses and counterclaims to eviction actions under Ohio law.

O.R.C. § 1923.061 - Defenses/counterclaims 

Many eviction defenses are provided by case law in Ohio. For a summary, see, Ohio Eviction and Landlord-Tenant Law (4th ed.) by Peter Iskin, available in the Hamilton County Law Library.

Information about Evictions

Below you will find general information about evictions in Ohio.

Tenant/Landlord Rights and Obligations - Ohio State Bar Association (OSBA)

Information about evictions - Ohio Legal Services

Hamilton County Municipal Court Help Center Eviction Help

Evictions When the Landlord is in Foreclosure

Below you will find information for tenants about their rights when their landlord is involved in a foreclosure.

Protecting Tenants at Foreclosure Act of 2009

Tenants Rights when your Landlord has been Foreclosed on - Legal Aid Society of Greater Cincinnati



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