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Ohio Primary Law Legal Research Guide: Session Laws

Guide based on Cleveland-Marshall's Ohio Primary Law Research Guide. Covers Ohio cases, statutes, legislative history, regulations, and administrative decisions.

Session Laws

Session laws may enact, repeal or amend numerous Ohio Revised Code Sections – for example see 2006 SB 185

The session laws are the official statutes of the State of Ohio. The Ohio Secretary of State certifies the language of commercially produced codes, such as Page's and Baldwin's. Should a discrepancy arise between the language of a session law and a commercially produced Revised Code, the language of the session law prevails. See Ohio Rev. Code 1.53; Ohio Legal Research Guide by Putnam and Schaefgen, p. 68; Ohio Legal Research by Hall & Sampson, p. 26.

Session laws can be used to update an Ohio Revised Code section or to find prior versions of an Ohio Revised Code section.

(Ohio State House image from the Ohio Legislative Service Commission)

Unofficial Sources for Ohio Session Laws

Official Sources for Session Laws

Publication Process of Ohio Statutes