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Ohio Primary Law Legal Research Guide

Guide based on Cleveland-Marshall's Ohio Primary Law Research Guide. Covers Ohio cases, statutes, legislative history, regulations, and administrative decisions.

How Current are the Print and Electronic Ohio Revised Codes?

"Current" Ohio Revised Codes in print are only as current as the latest volume or pocket part. Electronic versions are only as current as the last time the database was updated, although Lexis and Westlaw appear to update their online ORCs quickly.

How can you tell how up to date a pocket part or online code is? Click on the “i” next to the database name in Westlaw or Lexis, or click on “currentness” when you are in a code section.  Look at the cover of the pocket part.  

Also, underneath the text of the statutes in the Ohio Revised Code Annotated, there is a HISTORY section, which lists the Session Laws enacting or updating that code section.  The history section indicates the last session law incorporated into that ORC section.

The History Section looks like this:


RS § 7424; S&S 516; 73 v 40, § 26; GC § 2183; 103 v 65; Bureau of Code Revision, 10-1-53; 125 v 887 (Eff 7-1-54); 134 v H 494 (Eff 7-12-72); 138 v H 654. Eff 4-9-82.